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Pearson's Teacher Training and Certification Programme.
Today, technology-enabled digital classrooms are fast replacing the traditional chalk-and-talk classrooms, but technology is only as effective as the teacher using it. Teachers need to possess adequate technical knowledge to efficiently use the Internet and other technologies to enhance the classroom sessions, to create interactive classrooms and to maximise classroom learning in a limited time period.
With the objective of maximising benefits of the DigiClass solution to the school, Pearson Education Services provides a comprehensive teacher training, assessment and certification programme, which leverages Pearson's global education standards and techniques. Pearson is the world's largest education group educating over 100 million people worldwide. Pearson in India has been providing quality education services, customised for the Indian market for over 20 years.
Teachers can take Pearson Education Services assessment exams online, anytime, from anywhere, through the link that we provide. And all those who successfully complete the programme are awarded the valuable Pearson certificate.
Who dares to teach must never cease to learn. - John Cotton Dana