Pearson Connect

Pearson Connect is our VSAT technology programme which makes high quality entrance exam coaching accessible and affordable to everyone, irrespective of their locations. This technology provides to students, live classrooms and a two way audio/video interaction. The VSAT infrastructure, which is set up in various locations, receives the signal and broadcasts it in classrooms in real-time. Thus, it allows the students to receive answers to their queries from the subject matter experts immediately. An academic coordinator is also present in case the students have any doubts.

Through this programme, we intend to break the barriers of location and affordability, making world-class entrance coaching available to students across all areas in the country. Overall maximizing student's performance and helping enhance the school's reputation considerably.

The Pearson Connect programme became operational from 2010, with a geographical reach across India, with the target group of students from tier 2 and tier 3 parts of the country. It offers many benefits and various innovative solutions to enhance the learning process :

  1. Interactive classroom : the VSAT technology enables a two way interaction between teacher and students
  2. Expert faculty : classes are conducted by trained and expert teachers beamed from studios in Bangalore and other cities
  3. Multimedia content : complete access to repository of interesting multimedia content
  4. Maintenance : power backup and 24x7 support ensuring a high percentage up-time with central and local manpower support
  5. Constant support : 24x7 online help, in addition to e-mail and end-of-session doubt clearing facilities
  6. Easy revision : provision for class sessions to be viewed by students at any time
  7. Monitoring : centralised monitoring system to track class sessions and student feedback
  8. Progress check : 24x7 online access for parents to check their child's progress
  9. Logistics : programme is delivered from the premises of the school.

The programme has witnessed unprecedented success by producing many toppers in both engineering and medical tests in various competitive exams. With the aim of leveling the educational divide between the urban and rural parts of the country, we continue to work towards providing quality education and breaking barriers of location and affordability; thereby making world class entrance exam coaching available to all.