Education has been an indicator for the measurement of the advancement of a society. An educated society has been the largest contributor to a country's development. There has always been a need to revolutionise the traditional, dull and archaic Indian educational system more so in the rural areas, where the scenario is dismal with the lack of number of quality teachers, poor student teacher ratio and basic infrastructure in schools.

PAS has helped various corporate houses and their foundations implement their CSR initiatives in Education by using Information Technology effectively. PAS programmes strive to provide a good blend of technology and content and a window of opportunity to the learners in the rural schools in order to bridge the digital divide and spread quality education.

The projects implemented by PAS have been a comprehensive effort to open new vistas of learning and provide a level playing field to school students, in rural areas and far flung towns. One of our missions has been to empower people through access to quality education and create a grassroots revolution. This is a core belief that we have continued till date.

CSR Assist

Our mission is to empower people through access to quality education. And we believe that together, we can the divide in the quality of education between government and private schools. For more information on CSR assist, click here*.

Content Licensing

Content licensing happens at three different levels:


Through publishing, we showcase our huge content repository. We partner with publishers and convert their printed, on paper content to interactive multimedia content which is passed on to the customer either in a CD/DVD or online. That we make all content interactive is our greatest value add.

PC Manufacturers

It has been observed that parents buy PCs for children to assist in their education. Thus, we productise the content, and bundle them with PC manufacturers in the form of DVDs/CDs.

Corporate houses

We work with corporate houses like Intel, Airtel DTH etc. (any corporate who are aligned to creating educational content) and create content for them. We are also looking at new geographies outside India, where we can extend our business.


Following are the categories of products available under retail:

ScoreMore CDs:

These CDs provide media rich, audio-visual and interactive content for CBSE, ICSE and 6 state boards. The CDs provides solid foundation for science, math and other subjects along with assessment.


Worksheets are fun-filled question for K-5 (KG to 5th grade) aimed at reinforcing the concepts taught in the school. Also a good way to keeping them busy at home (no pun intended).


Pearson portal provides text and competitive books for K-12.

Online Services:

With one of the highest growth rates in computer and broadband penetration in the word, people in India are increasingly looking at computer and internet for help in Education. Pearson Online ( is an educational e-commerce portal for K-12 students, parents and teachers enabling them to buy high quality educational products aimed at enhancing learning.