Creating revolutions at the grassrootsOpening new Vistas of learningRevolutionising the Indian educationsl systemEmpowering people through access to quality education

A Brief Overview

How much a society advances is arbitrarily dependant on the education that it receives. An educated society is what propels a country forward on the path of development. The need to revolutionise the traditional, dull and archaic Indian educational system has never been more. And more so in the rural areas, where the scenario is dismal with the lack of quality teachers, poor student teacher ratio and basic infrastructure in schools.

As Edurite Aligned Services from Pearson Education Services, we have joined hands with various corporate houses and their foundations and have helped them implement their CSR initiatives in Education by using Information Technology effectively and training teachers to use innovative teaching methods to make the teaching - learning process fun, interesting and effective. Through these programmes, we strive to provide a good blend of technology and content and a window of opportunity to the learners in the rural schools. Our projects so far have been a comprehensive effort to open new vistas of learning and provide a level playing field to school students in far flung towns.