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Welcome to Pearson India Education Services Pvt. Ltd

We are the leading providers of a gamut of services and solutions that cater to various needs of the different players in the K-12 segment. We believe in the power of learning and the role technology plays in bridging the gap in the quality of education among various sectors of society. As a part of Pearson, the world's largest education company, we aspire to seamlessly combine its international standards, content and expertise with our local knowledge and reach into our offerings and customise solutions that will propel education into a higher plane.

As the leading provider of innovative education solutions and services for students, teachers, schools and colleges, we reach out to an audience of over 1 million. Our primary goal is to be a leader in the field of education, fulfilling the diverse learning needs across the K-12 spectrum. From schools to after-school learning centres, learning aids like CDs and DVDs to spoken English programmes - we are the trusted brand in every category.

Our unrivalled expertise and unmatched experience makes us a force to be reckoned with.

Learning. We take it personally.

For the first time ever in the history of Indian education, a platform to honour the true heroes of classrooms. Pearson with NDTV pays tribute to the very best teachers from across the country, who worked tirelessly to teach, nurture, inspire and shape the future of not just students but an entire nation.

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